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Journey and mate have a second litter!

The famous California wandering wolf, Journey, has had a second litter of pups with his mate! Learn more here. This is great news! With the population of wild wolves in Southern Oregon growing, scientists agree that California will be the next state wolves naturally recolonize!

Education is the most powerful weapon

Help us spread the truth about wolves by donating to this critical campaign to raise funds for education! It is up to organizations like our own and supporters like you to make education on the true nature of wolves available to all. Most importantly, we need to reach children as they are the future leaders of wild wolf recovery efforts. Any amount big or small will help. Make a difference today!

Mexican Wolf Transparency and Accountability Act

Mexican gray wolves need your voice! The Mexican Wolf Transparency and Accountability Act (HR2910) would remove federal protections from this critically endangered wolf. With only about 100 individuals in the wild, they need to protected! Learn how to help here.

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