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California is wolf territory once again!

A wild wolf pack is confirmed to be in Siskiyou County. We have been working hard to lay a foundation for wolves to peacefully return to California after being eradicated by humans decades ago. We could not be more happy the wait is over. An amazing moment to be celebrated! See the Shasta pack puppies playing in this video.

Open letter from scientists and scholars on wolf recovery

70 scientists and scholars sent this letter recommending the continued federal protection for wolves under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in the Great Lakes region and beyond.

Help the Bluestem Pack

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service issued this decision last month to trap wolves from the Bluestem Pack in Arizona if its members depredate on livestock by November 1st. Please call the US Fish and Wildlife Service today (Mexican Wolf Recovery Coordinator: 505-346-2525 & Main Office: 505-248-6920) to let them know removal is not the answer to conflicts between Mexican gray wolves and livestock. With only 110 wild Mexican gray wolves, we must work for coexistence.

Endangered Species Act Under Attack

The Endangered Species Act has played an integral role in recovering species on the verge of extinction for the past 40 years. Populations of the bald eagle, peregrine falcon and American alligator are once again thriving thanks to the Endangered Species Act. However, this cornerstone of endangered species recovery has seen numerous Congressional attacks recently to undermine and impair its purpose. Wild wolf recovery relies on the Endangered Species Act. Wolves need you to raise your voice today.

Reach out to your representatives! Use this resource to determine who you should speak with.

Here are three main points to express when speaking to your representative:

  • The Endangered Species Act has a proven record of helping wildlife in danger of extinction (thousands of plant, fish & animal species). There is no need for Congress to interfere with this strong and successful act.
  • Please oppose any legislation to weaken the Endangered Species Act.
  • Please call on President Obama to oppose any riders that undermine the Endangered Species Act (especially to the Interior Appropriations Bill).
  • A helpful statistic:

  • 90% of Americans support the Endangered Species Act (view poll report here).
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