California Wolf Center Volunteer Program

The California Wolf Center volunteer program offers a unique opportunity to work with a wildlife non-profit. Volunteers participate in all areas of operation, and specific experiences can be structured to meeting the professional, academic, and personal goals of the volunteer.

Shawn Kessler

Photo Credit: Shawn Kessler

Applicants should note that volunteer positions are filled by matching our needs with an applicant's abilities and interests. Factors may include, but are not limited to, experience, education and training, availability, and long term career goals. Some positions are short term (for specific projects). Other positions require training for long term development and mutual benefit. Volunteering may involve administrative work, facilities maintenance and improvement, education, development (memberships, fundraising, marketing), and/ or animal care. You will ultimately be assigned to tasks based on the needs of the facility on a given day, so you should be prepared to help in a variety of areas.

To apply for the volunteer program, please fill out the application and submit it along with a resume detailing educational experience, work experience, volunteer experience, and any special skills you may have. Submissions may be , faxed to 760-888-0333, or mailed to California Wolf Center, Attn: Volunteer Program, PO Box 1389, Julian, CA 92036. For more information, please call 760-765-0030 or .

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