California Wolf Center Volunteer Program

The California Wolf Center volunteer program offers a unique opportunity to work with a wildlife non-profit. The California Wolf Center's dedicated volunteers have put in over 2600 hours and counting this year, and we are so grateful to have such a passionate team working to accomplish our mission. Will you join us in turning our vision of wolf recovery into a reality?

Shawn Kessler

Photo Credit: Shawn Kessler

Applicants should note that volunteer roles are assigned based on the needs of the facility on a given day, so you should be prepared to help in a variety of areas. Volunteering requires training for long term development and mutual benefit. Volunteering may involve administrative work, facilities maintenance and improvement, education, development (memberships, fundraising, marketing), and/ or animal care. You may or may not work directly with the animals.

To apply for the volunteer program, please fill out the application and submit it along with a resume detailing educational experience, work experience, volunteer experience, and any special skills you may have. Submissions may be , faxed to 760-888-0333, or mailed to California Wolf Center, Attn: Volunteer Program, PO Box 1389, Julian, CA 92036. For more information, please call 760-765-0030 or .

California Wolf Center

Photo Credit: California Wolf Center

Volunteer in the Spotlight

Doug Bailey has been a dedicated California Wolf Center volunteer since 2004. Doug was born in California. He served in the Air Force and now works for California Highway Patrol Dispatch in addition to being active Air Force Reserve. He will be spending 6 months in Djibouti in 2015, continuing his Air Force service. Doug's favorite hobbies are kayaking and volunteering at the California Wolf Center. He also has an extensive coin collection.

Doug initially began volunteering when he made Airman of the Year, since volunteer service looks good on the paperwork. And he's been volunteering ever since! His most memorable experience at the California Wolf Center was when a litter of Rocky Mountain gray wolves was born here in 2005. He got to see all the individual personalities of the pack develop, especially when pups would steal food from the adults. The adults stood there looking dejected, but they allowed the pups to eat their fill and then got more food for themselves.

Doug, on behalf of the California Wolf Center and wolves everywhere, we thank you for your service to our organization and to your community and country!>

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