California Wolf Center Volunteer Program

The California Wolf Center volunteer program offers a unique opportunity to work with a wildlife non-profit. Volunteers participate in all areas of operation, and specific experiences can be structured to meeting the professional, academic, and personal goals of the volunteer.

Shawn Kessler

Photo Credit: Shawn Kessler

Applicants should note that volunteer roles are assigned based on the needs of the facility on a given day, so you should be prepared to help in a variety of areas. Volunteering requires training for long term development and mutual benefit. Volunteering may involve administrative work, facilities maintenance and improvement, education, development (memberships, fundraising, marketing), and/ or animal care. You may or may not work directly with the animals.

To apply for the volunteer program, please fill out the application and submit it along with a resume detailing educational experience, work experience, volunteer experience, and any special skills you may have. Submissions may be , faxed to 760-888-0333, or mailed to California Wolf Center, Attn: Volunteer Program, PO Box 1389, Julian, CA 92036. For more information, please call 760-765-0030 or .

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