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Meet Our Wolves

Inuk (2005- )

From early on, this Alaskan gray wolf seemed to be curious, a natural leader, and playful with his siblings as well as the adult members of the pack. Inuk is now one of the first at the food and shows signs of dominance, making him the “alpha” of the pack (like his father, Denali, was before him). Inuk is usually one of the first wolves at the fence to check out the guests. Often times the public will observe Inuk scent-marking the fence or a tree by rubbing his face on it, making for some great photo opportunities.

Chaco (1995- ): aka M185

Chaco, a male Mexican gray wolf, was born on April 19, 1995 at the Alameda Park Zoo in New Mexico. He is the alpha male of the wolf pack living in the California Wolf Center's Mexico II enclosure. He is wary of keepers when they enter his enclosure for feeding or maintenance. He keeps an eye on the keepers at a safe distance, often watching them as he peaks out from behind a bush. Wolves in the wild and in captivity have this natural shyness of humans.

F892 (2004- )

Mexican wolf F892 was born in 2004 at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio. She came to the California Wolf Center along with three of her sisters in November of 2005 as part of an official transfer through the Mexican Wolf Species Survival Plan. This pack plays an important role in our educational programs. She is highly visible to the public during programs and is commonly seen scent marking and rubbing her face along the fence line in the presence of people.

Kiana (2005- )

From early on, this Alaskan gray wolf has been curious, coy, playful and dominant around the other females. She is curious about people, so curious in fact that she has tried to steal keepers’ unguarded tools, including scrub brushes and even a cordless drill. Her curiosity about humans has been very helpful in educating the public about wolves. As Kiana has grown, she has established herself as the alpha female of our pack of Alaskan gray wolves.

Taku (2005- )

Taku has a unique personality. As a pup, he seemed to have the characteristics of silliness and playfulness with his siblings as well as the adult members of the pack. While not always first at the fence to check out the guests, he will usually make an appearance. Taku is a beautiful wolf with a distinctive cream-colored coat with just a few highlights of a reddish tint. He resembles his alpha father, Denali, with his majestic stance and cream color.

Ketchikan (2005- )

This Alaskan gray wolf is usually shy around humans, but our online wolf-cam shows another side of Ketchikan’s personality. The wolf-cam often catches him playing with his four littermates in the early mornings and late evenings. He has the darkest markings of the wolves in his litter making for the boldest coloration.

M863 (2004- )

Born at Sevilleta Wolf Management Facility in New Mexico, M863 is a Mexican wolf. He was first released to the wild of the Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area in 2004 as a pup. He was transferred between the wild and wolf management facilities a few times before his final capture in 2007. In December 2008 he was transferred to the California Wolf Center with two females. He is blind in his right eye due to an injury he sustained in the wild.

F1046 (2006- )

This Mexican wolf was born in the wild in April 2006. In December 2008, she was transferred to the California Wolf Center with her mother (F667) and a male (M863). She is the 18th most genetically valuable female in the Mexican Wolf Recovery Program, and she is currently paired with M863.

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